The Sweep story

Sweep are three Irish friends who love cars but hate the time-consuming, dull and monotonous experience of buying and selling them online.

In 2018, we made the decision to take our passion for cars and use it to build a fast and simple way for people to find their perfect match using their phone.

Taking our knowledge and experience in tech and the car industry, we knew that just like people using popular dating apps, car buyers make most of their initial decisions based on looks. So, to cut down on wasted time and to help them make quick decisions, our mobile app works off one simple idea – if you see a car you like, simply sweep to keep it.

The link with the way that people look for love online and look for a new car online is no coincidence. When you buy a car, it’s the start of a relationship. You have to be right for each other.

There has to be an initial spark or you won’t bother diving into the finer detail. When we say meet your next car in minutes, we mean it. Car buying is about love at first sight and we have thousands of cars waiting to be found.

The last few years have been incredible.

Watching an idea build from a shared passion between mates, into an engaging online library of thousands of cars, buyers and sellers, has been brilliant. We believe that the Sweep experience will revolutionise the way people buy and sell cars online and will serve as a real disrupter in a cluttered and stagnant market.

Thank you for thinking of Sweep and happy hunting,

Shane, Stephen & Conor.