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Want to discover the most scenic landscapes in Europe? You don’t have to travel far to find them. Navigating Ireland by road is a great way to experience all that it has to offer. As we begin to reach the middle of summer, there is no better time to hop in a car and explore on the open road.

There is a special thrill that comes with a road trip. Meandering across the country is a great way to unwind and discover parts of the nation’s beautiful landscape that you might not have seen before. Whatever the destination is, adventure awaits you. Check out our checklist below on how to plan the perfect road trip this summer.


How to Plan the Perfect Road Trip this Summer

When you are going to be travelling for hours on end, it is imperative that you have some good company. Seen as a great road trip usually doesn’t come around very often, try to gather a special group of friends to travel with. Friends who are easygoing with a sense of adventure will be a perfect fit.


The budget will have an impact on most aspects of your trip. This includes the distance travelled, the duration of the trip, and what activities you will do. Aside from the running costs of the actual car itself such as fuel, the budget needs to be thought of in advance. This is to ensure that there are not any unexpected hiccups as well as granting peace of mind for all travellers.


How to Plan the Perfect Road Trip this Summer

After you determine a reasonable budget for your road trip, it’s time for the fun part! Gather your friends and pick a spot in Ireland where you would all love to go. Some people might like a driving holiday to the country, whilst others may prefer an urban escape. Moreover, certain parts of the country will offer their own unique appeals. For example, Meath has plenty of historical sites of significance that are tourist hotspots. On the other hand, Kerry has miles and miles of unspoilt scenery.


When deciding how to plan the perfect road trip this summer, choosing the right accommodation is key. Although you will be spending most of the time out on the wide-open road, you will need somewhere to rest along the way. The accommodation will also serve as a great way to break up a long trip. You can either go for cheap and cheerful accommodation like an Airbnb, or splurge on a luxury hotel. This all depends on the budget that you will have allocated alongside your friends. Regardless of the accommodation you choose, try and book as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Preparing the Car

How to Plan the Perfect Road Trip this Summer

The final stage of planning for your next road trip is preparing the car itself. Whether you are using a rented car or your own, this is a crucial stage. You should ensure that the car is fit for a long road trip. This includes checking the oil, tyres, and lights. Furthermore, check that all coolant and oils are topped up. You should also invest in some car accessories for your road trip, specifically a phone mount and a dash camera. And don’t forget a Bluetooth speaker to blast that road trip playlist!


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