27th October 2020 -

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Introducing Native Advertising on Sweep

Today we are introducing native advertising on Sweep – allowing brands to reach consumers in a new and seamless way.

If you’ve used Sweep, you’ll know that swiping through vehicles is one of the standout features of our mobile product. Our users love the simplicity of being able to filter and navigate the ~30,000 vehicles on Sweep – swiping right to shortlist the vehicles they like, and left to hide the vehicles that they no longer want to see. It’s a time-saving, car browsing game-changer when compared to other offerings in this space.

The beauty of our new native advertising offering is that it fits right into this swiping experience. A user will see an ad every 10-20 swipes – and that point they can choose to engage with the content by studying its copy or tapping the card to follow the click-through URL, or they can simply swipe left or right to continue browsing the range of vehicles listed on Sweep. Pretty seamless, right?

Check out the visuals below for a better sense of the offering, and if your brand is interested in advertising with us please get in touch via ads@sweep.ie.