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Your car may look stunning from the outside, but the inside is what can make your driving experience that much better. Below we have compiled a list of must-have accessories for your car to make your next journey more convenient, safe, and enjoyable!

Key Locator

Must-Have Accessories For Your Car

Misplaced keys is a struggle that everyone faces and losing car keys can be especially frustrating. Key locators have recently begun to increase in popularity, and are one of the most important accessories to have for your car. Using Bluetooth technology, these gadgets can fit seamlessly with your car keys. Moreover, many modern key locators can be linked directly to your phone. Lost keys are a thing of the past with a gadget like this!

Dash Camera

Must-Have Accessories For Your Car

Dash cameras are small, windscreen-mounted cameras that are used to record everything in front of the driver. They are a crucial piece of technology for drivers who want to feel safe on the road. A dash camera can be invaluable if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident. Recording your journey allows you to stay on the safe side and will provide ease of mind while driving. Furthermore, many dash cameras have a parking mode that can record any incidents while away from your vehicle.

Phone Mount

Must-Have Accessories For Your Car

A good phone mount is essential for any journey. Drivers can keep their phone in view, while at the same time focusing on what’s ahead of them on the road. Phone mounts also allow you to have your navigation software and music playlists right at your fingertips. Phone mounts come in a range of designs and styles and can fit seamlessly into your car, ensuring a more pleasant journey. For any driver, a phone mount is one of the must-have accessories for your car.

Car Cleaning Kit

Must-Have Accessories For Your Car

They say that a clean car is not only visually beneficial but also makes the driving experience more pleasant. Giving your car a good cleaning can give it a new lease of life, but it will take more than just a quick hoover. Stay on top of things with a car cleaning kit. These kits usually include a host of different sprays and shampoos that will give your car a perfect long-lasting finish. Investing in a car cleaning kit will leave your car shining inside and out!

Bluetooth Speaker

Must-Have Accessories For Your Car

Some quality used cars that can be found on Sweep may not have Bluetooth capabilities, so why not invest in a Bluetooth speaker. This will modernise your driving experience and allow you to both take calls and play music on the go. These devices are one of the must-have accessories for your car. Bluetooth speakers usually have 15-20 hours of talk time and deliver crisp music streaming. Most speakers won’t break the bank, but high-end speakers will deliver superior performance. Once you set it up, simply place it in your car and it will connect automatically to your phone, allowing for wireless convenience on every trip.

Portable Electric Car Charger

Must-Have Accessories For Your Car

This gadget is a must if you have an electric vehicle, allowing you to charge up from virtually anywhere. A portable electric car charger is especially convenient when away from home, or when on an overnight stay. These portable chargers can range widely in their price. Although it is not recommended to use these as your primary charging source, it is an ideal purchase for any EV driver that will ensure peace of mind on the road. Choose from either a Type 1 or Type 2 charger to suit your vehicle and enjoy effortless charging wherever you go!


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