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We know understanding car buyers needs and swift communication between dealerships and car buyers is essential to selling cars– and that’s why we’re delighted to introduce Prospects, the first outbound sales tool in Ireland designed for dealers to connect to potential car buyers that shortlist their vehicles on Sweep.

Prospects allows the traditional in person experience of dealers offering assistance to customers that browse their showrooms, to become a virtual encounter. The innovative feature gives dealers state of the art customer insights into when car buyers shortlist their cars on Sweep. With these new insights, car dealers can initiate conversations with prospective customers virtually through their Dealer Dashboard.

Take a look below to see how the Prospects feature works:

Step 1: Customer Shortlists

When car buyers like or shortlist vehicles on Sweep, the listing is saved to the buyers shortlisted vehicles.

Sweep Prospects

Step 2 : Prospects

When dealers access the Dealer Dashboard, located at the end of the left menu tab is the new ‘Prospects’ function. When dealers click this button, a detailed list of car buyers that have shortlisted their listed cars on Sweep will appear.

Sweep Prospects

Step 3: Message Buyer

Next, is the best part. Taking new customer insights on what the prospective car buyer is looking for such as car make, model and pricing. Dealers can now reach out to contact buyers through message. The blue ‘Message Buyer’ button located on the right of the Prospects list, lets you send your message to interested car buyers. Similar to customers browsing your dealership showroom, you can offer your assistance right away.

Sweep Prospects

Step 4: Send Message

Once you click ‘Message Buyer’, a pre-populated text message appears. Simply click ‘Send Message’ and the car buyer will receive your message.

Sweep Prospects

Step 5: Customer Notification

After two swift clicks of a mouse using the steps above, the interested car buyer receives a push notification and email to let them know the dealer is on hand to help with any of their queries on the vehicle.

Sweep Prospects

We look forward to making the car buying experience that little bit easier for both our dealerships and users.

The Sweep Team