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Are you looking for ways to get cheaper car insurance in Ireland? You’re not the first driver to look for ways to cut costs and you certainly won’t be the last. Owning a car comes with many expenses and car insurance accounts for a big proportion of these costs. In this article, we reveal the best tips to help you get cheaper car insurance from some of the leading car insurance brokers in Ireland.

Think about what vehicle is best for you

Think about what vehicle is best for you

You should choose your vehicle wisely, as doing so will help you make some great savings on your car insurance. Insurance premiums for cars with a smaller engine tend to be less expensive. Having said that, if you plan on spending a lot of time on the road, a bigger engine may be more efficient in terms of fuel costs. You should analyse what you will be using the vehicle for in advance of purchasing a car. At that point you can use websites and apps like Sweep.ie to help you find the exact type of car you require.

Avoid modifications

Avoid modifications

Car modifications can sometimes affect your car insurance premium. Purchasing new parts for your car could cause your car insurance premium to increase as replacing these parts can often be quite expensive. Car modifications that change the performance of the car, for example, the speed of the car, can cause an increase in your car insurance premium as the car is associated with a greater risk of becoming involved in an accident. The greater the modification to your car, the greater the impact on your car insurance.

Consider the level of cover you need

Consider the level of cover you need

You should only pay for the cover you really require. When searching for a car insurance quote, you should ask for a quote for both comprehensive and third-party, fire and theft insurance. It may not make financial sense to pay the difference depending on the value of the vehicle you are insuring. For example, if you are insuring an old car, it may not be worth your while paying for comprehensive insurance as the cost you would pay for this level of cover might exceed the value of the car. However, if your car is relatively new and in good condition, comprehensive car insurance would be recommended.

Use a car insurance broker for your specific needs

Use a car insurance broker for your specific needs

Shopping around for the best car insurance cover can be quite time-consuming. Insurance brokers are experts in the field of car insurance, and they usually specialise in distinct types of car insurance cover. For example, car insurance brokers like Coverinaclick.ie or Insuremycars.ie focus on providing car insurance to young drivers in Ireland, whereas the car insurance broker MissQuote.ie is a female-focused car insurance broker. Car insurance brokers have negotiated some of the best prices on the market with motor insurers and they can pass those savings on to drivers. It is a more time and cost-efficient way of looking for the best insurance deal on the market.

Add an experienced driver to your insurance policy

young lady driving car

It might be a promising idea to see if you can be added as a named driver to someone else’s insurance policy. Alternatively, if you have your own cover, you could add a more experienced driver with a clean driving license and good driving history to your car insurance policy. Sharing a car with a more experienced driver means that you will be driving the vehicle less and therefore, an accident is less likely to occur. Both options are worth considering if you are looking for cheaper car insurance.

Build up your no claims bonus

car insurance money

Most car insurance companies value safe drivers who are claim-free and they often provide rewards to these drivers in the form of discounts on car insurance premiums. Therefore, although it goes without saying, being a safe driver should be top of the priority list for all motorists! Always remain vigilant when driving, avoid any distractions, watch out for speed limit signs and drive within the speed limit.

Get as much experience as possible

Young man driving a car

The secret to becoming a great driver is gaining as much experience on the road as possible. Therefore, if you are a learner driver or a new driver, we recommend building up your experience behind the wheel whether that is in the form of additional driving lessons or extra practice with a fully licensed driver. Practice makes perfect after all!

It is important to remember that getting the cheapest car insurance on the market is not always the best value car insurance. The benefits and rewards that each insurance company offers vary quite significantly and these benefits can help reduce your costs in the long run. Make sure all your needs are covered with the car insurance policy you decide to go for. It’s great to be able to make savings and reduce your expenses, however cutting corners is never a good idea when it comes to car insurance.


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